Is your little one ready to Move and Shine?

Here you will find answers to commonly asked questions about our preschool dance classes:

There are so many preschool activities, why Move and Shine?
Our classes go far beyond learning dance moves. At our school we have a holistic view of dance and our love of dance begins on our preschool pathway. We know our little dancers are with us to have fun, grow in confidence, be physical, make friends, enjoy music, explore their imagination and to dance with joy in their hearts. We also know that our little dancers continue dancing beyond their early years, so we have created a program that seamlessly moves into our school-age dance classes.

What is the Rainbow Pathway?
Our pathway walks alongside our little dancers on their early years development journey. Each colour strand focuses on a different element of both dance education and wider learning and enjoyment:

Red: Getting ready
Orange: My body
Yellow: My moves
Green: Dancing together
Blue: I can hear
Indigo: Storytelling
Violet: I can dance

That sounds like a lot of structure for a little one?
Our classes are tailored to each specific age range. So whilst we are busy in the background ensuring classes are relevant and meaningful, our little ones are enjoying learning through play, exploration and experience. As they grow, they start to recognise the meaning of the colour strands and the different parts of the class.

But what if my child cries or doesn’t want to join in?
No problem! Expressing emotions and being cautious of new situations is healthy! Over time, and gently we can support your little one in feeling more comfortable and in learning positive ways to express and manage their feelings.

But my child can’t walk yet, is it too soon?
Not at all. Within each strand we have small goals that lead on to bigger achievements. So picking up a tambourine, will grow into marching in time to the beat of a drum, which will grow into tapping complex rhythms.

But won’t my child learn this stuff eventually anyway?
Yes some of it, but we certainly scaffold this learning. We also think that the joy of growing and developing in this group setting is unmatched. Most of our preschool dancers from the past 15 years are still dancing together at our school. We love how this sense of belonging and community helps our dancers grow and achieve.

15 years? But why have I never noticed your classes before?
We have always been here, but a lot has changed in this time, with regards to how people find activities. Branding and the internet has more significance now, so we have treated ourselves to a new logo and poster. Of course we have also been learning a lot ourselves in this time, so wanted to share with you some information about our updated pathway.

But your prices look very low, have I misunderstood?
No! We are fortunate enough to have an excellent reputation in our local area, so rarely pay for advertising and pass on this saving to you. We also know how the cost of activities can quickly add up, so pride ourselves in making our opportunity affordable.

I would like to bring my boy, but is it suitable?
Absolutely! Our classes are suitable for everyone and our topics, props and music are as varied as the little ones we teach. We think our rainbow signifies all the different colours and forms that dancing takes. We have been fortunate enough to travel extensively and to see that in most parts of our world, dance is not as gendered as it is sometimes thought of here. We use this wider experience to bring fresh and engaging ideas into our preschool program.

Do grown ups stay? Yes until your little one is old enough to feel settled without you and to use the toilet independently. It is magical to watch the transition from caregivers entirely assisting participation, to being a reassuring presence in the background, to leaving little ones to independently enjoy their class.  This time seems to whiz by, so we encourage grown-ups to enjoy every  moment of this special bonding time.

Can I feed my baby? Yes of course!  We are breastfeeding friendly and have a kitchen for preparing bottles.  We also have baby changing facilities and easy access for pushchairs.