Our school
We are fortunate enough to have many dance schools and other activities in our local area.

So why choose Fiona Watson School of Dance?

We provide affordable, high quality dance education that is underpinned by a set of values that will benefit our dancers far beyond their time at the dance school.
We believe our dance school provides the best value for money. We achieve this by:

Low fees (paid termly)
Free second hand dance shoe exchange - We have a large collection of second hand dance shoes which all members of the dance school may use for free.

No charges for show costumes - We have a wonderful and growing collection of show costumes which dancers wear whilst performing in our annual show weekend.

No costly additional classes - We rarely ask pupils to attend additional show or exam classes. We work hard to teach all the necessary show and exam work within the usual classes.
Our dance school consistently achieves outstanding exam results in our annual NATD exam sessions.

Each dance show is developed around an educational theme, which gives the whole dance school a shared learning experience.

Our teachers provide high quality, varied dance education, informed by extensive experience and knowledge.
Fun - We have lots of fun in all our classes and always aim to make exercising and developing dance skills enjoyable for all ages and abilities.

Friendly - The “family feel” at the dance school means that newcomers feel as much a part of the school as those families who have been attending for generations.

Fair - Dancers take turns to be on the front row of their show dances and our additional performance opportunities are offered to all pupils.

Nurturing - Older children at the dance school act as Volunteer Teaching Assistants in all the younger classes and in turn younger children aspire to take on this role in the future.

Inclusive - Everyone is welcome at our dance school and Fiona uses her extensive experience of working with children with disabilities and with people from different backgrounds, to ensure that classes are as accessible as possible.

Charitable - All profits from our annual dance show are given to ChildLine Manchester.