Freestyle Classes

Our freestyle classes are a fun and energetic way to enjoy dance.

We have put together some information below, but please don’t hesitate to contact us if you require more details.

What is freestyle dance?

Freestyle is dancing freely to music. It is the ability to create movement spontaneously and to express your own unique feelings and style. You might already freestyle at a disco or party, or if you hear a song you like in a car. When you freestyle, your mind and body react to the music, so in some regards freestyling is simply “dancing”.

If you can just “dance” why do I need a class?

Some cultures are better than others at connecting with music and their own bodies and feelings. We come across many children and adults who lack the confidence to enjoy dancing freely. We also often hear that individuals feel like they do not know what to do. We also regularly see the pure joy that our existing dancers gain from any opportunities within our classes to “play” with their dancing through improvising and feeling the music.

So what do your classes provide?

We provide the tools for you to create your own dancing. We give you:

-The skills to dance to the different layers of music; including the beat, melody and patterns.
-An understanding of the fundamental styles that have emerged in social settings. You will connect to some of these more than others and they will form your foundations to develop your own style.
-A solid technical base to dance moves safely and successfully.
-A wide “vocabulary“ of dance moves that form the building blocks for your freestyling.

What opportunities will our freestyle dancers have?

We are keen for our freestyle classes to be directed by the interests of our participants and they could go in a number of directions. Our classes alone are a great opportunity to develop confidence and dancing. We have also received some requests to form a performance team which could be great fun! NATD are launching a freestyle graded syllabus, which might provide an interesting structure to some of our classes. Whatever the future, we are very excited about meeting and working with our freestylers!