Contemporary Classes

Our contemporary dance classes provide our dancers and local area with a unique opportunity to learn this expressive dance, which combined part of modern, jazz, lyrical and ballet.

4-4.45pm (3-6 Years)

“A great way to connect dance and play”

This class uses a topic based approach to contemporary dance, exploring the jungle and the animals within it. Aiming to connect dance and play, our dancers will take a journey through the jungle meeting different animals along the way, taking some time to explore the way that each one moves. Dancers will use imagery to create and explore the different sights of the jungle and will use their creative skills to develop ways of moving over, under and around the different obstacles found. This is a great introduction to creative dance and dance technique as it offers children the chance to develop their creativity, coordination, confidence and social skills through imagination.

4.45-5.30pm (7-9 Years)

“Fabulous for self expression, communication and confidence”

A theme based technique class. Using a traditional class structure of centre based exercises, floor work, travelling and structures sequences, students will explore the theme of water and ice to develop their technical and creative skills. Exercises will enable student to develop key dance skills such as strength, extension and alignment. It will also help to develop dynamic range, interpretation and overall performance – a great attribute for all dance styles.

5.30-6.15pm (10-12 Years)

“A valuable addition for existing dancers and performers”

A technique class with a creative twist! Dancers will complete a variety of technical exercises designed to challenge and improve key skills such as alignment, extension, strength and flexibility within the structure of a traditional dance class. In addition to this, dancers will learn sequences of creative movement and be challenged to develop their artistic skills through a range of challenging creative tasks such as developing their own exercises and building a creative sequence.

6.15-7.00pm (12-16 Years)

“Encouraging dancers to create and perform”

A formal technique class with creative challenges! Dancers will complete formal technical exercises which develop key skills such as alignment, strength and coordination. It will also challenge dancers to develop their own technical exercises to deepen understanding of the principles of technique classes. This class is the ideal support for those studying GCSE Dance or for those who want to try a new and creative style of dance. A great way to encourage dancers to think about creating exercises as well as performing them.


“A great way to connect body and mind whilst exercising”

A technique class designed to be physically rewarding for dancers of all backgrounds and experience. Dancers will take part in centre-based exercises designed to improve core stability and strength, mobility exercises which help to improve flexibility and agility of the body as well as short sequences of movement aimed at improving movement memory and physical fitness. The creative factor will remain ever present in this class with participants being supported to choreograph sections of some exercises as well as participating in a whole class creative sequence.